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Bulldog Rushing Kings - Otis and Swaney

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Celina Girls Track 'Dynasty'

Bulldog Rushing Kings - Otis and Swaney


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Bulldog Rushing Kings - Otis and Swaney

(9-25-16) - Jim Otis and Bret Swaney, were two of the top Bulldog rushers in Celina football history, when you look back they had a lot of things in common, even though 30 years separated their playing careers.

Both players had some of the top QB's in Celina history to play behind, Dick Quilling played with Otis, while Swaney had Mike Bath. Those combos would produce big results on the field, in their Senior year, both won WBL titles. In 1965 Otis led Celina to a 9-0-1 season (tie was 6-6 with Van Wert), while in 1995 Celina went 12-1, losing to Dublin Scioto 28-14 in the State semifinals in Division II and at the end of the year were ranked #1 in the Division II polls.

The two running backs rushing totals are very similar, although Swaney did have a the luxury of playing in five extra games, thanks to qualifying in the state play-offs. Both teams were coached by two of the best in school history, Norm Decker coached Otis and went 29-10-1 in four years and a WBL title, while Swaney was coached by Jerry Harris, who is the all time winningest coach with 134 wins at Celina in 21 years.

Otis and Swaney made 1965 and 1995 very memorable for the fans of the Green and White, one that still many talk about. A look at the 'Rushing Kings'and how they stack up in Bulldog gridiron history -

Single Season Rushing - 1,690 - 1st - 1965
Career Rushing - 2,339 - 5th - 1964-65
Single Game Rushing - 281 -1st and 211 - tied 11th - 1965
Single Season TDs - 24 - 2nd - 1965
Single Game TD - 5 - 1965
Career TDs - 35 - 2nd - 1964-65
Single Season Scoring - 154 - 2nd - 1964-65
Career Scoring - 226 - 4th - 1964-65

Single Season Rushing - 1,587 - 1st - 1965
Career Rushing - 2,721 - 1st - 1993-95
Single Game Rushing - 221 - tied 11th - 1995
Single Season TDs - 31 - 1st - 1995
Single Game TD - 4 (4 times) - 1995
Career TDs - 44- 1st - 1995
Single Season Scoring - 194 - 1st - 1995
Career Scoring -  226 - 4th 1993-95

Celina Wins!

SSN's Dave Schmidt with the call...

1991 Ohio High School Regional Championship basketball game. Last second shot by Jill Froning for unranked Celina wins the game over Ohio's #1 rated Pickerington (were also rated in USA Today Top 5)...Celina went on to win the Ohio D1 State Championsip game. Game was played at Bellefontaine HS, Dave Schmidt doing the play-by-by for Celina Cable TV.


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